Wednesday, May 2, 2012


REHABILITATION (AGAIN) OF TAMAN JAYA LAKES I am not at all impressed by the continuous futile efforts in trying to rehabilitate the Taman Jaya Lakes. I see the problem could be solved only by thorough understanding of science and engineering processes involved. This means thorough scientific studies and experimental studies in the laboratories as well as in the field before proper permanent action and solution can be carried out. The absence of quantitative data or statistics is a serious error. In the world of business and sales talks the ‘promises’ should not be accepted wholesale. Once the business deal is signed that will be probably the last you will ever see the salesmen or their knockings on the door The gimmick of the boat tide involving important officers high above is just a waste of time and a cheap publicity stunt. The lake is not even that big……. Remember! Cleaning the Taman Jaya lake is not as simple as a ‘Micky Mouse Project’ Type rest of the post here.

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