Friday, April 8, 2011

tasmanian holiday

A Tasmanian holiday to remember

'There's nothing like a sunset experience with good friends, each personality as different as the sea, sun and sand but together, a lasting memory to be cherished.'

Fun, friends and sunrise over a white beach – it was all a world away from Raja’s “boring and downright insane” study schedule in Malaysia. Raja and three of her friends had just finished another demanding semester in their architecture degree and were desperate for a holiday. They all agreed that Tasmania, with its pristine nature and tranquil pace, was the best place for a study escape.

“The holiday was memorable because both the company and destination complemented each other. What began as a simple road trip brought us closer as friends, despite our different nationalities and differences in opinions. Together, we were united and awed by the breathtaking sights of Tasmania’s nature,” Raja said.

Raja and her friends spent most of their holiday in and around Hobart, where as photography enthusiasts, they had a special appreciation for the historic architecture. They captured lots of great shots of Salamanca Place, with its cobblestone streets and rows of Georgian warehouses. They also climbed craggy, windswept Mount Wellington, photographing the panoramic vistas over Hobart and the Derwent River. After their descent, the group enjoyed what Raja described as “one of the best fish and chips” of her life, from a little shop near the Hobart waterfront.

Bruny Island wasn’t originally on the itinerary, but Raja and her friends decided to visit after discovering it was only a short drive and ferry ride from Hobart. They also liked the sound of its scenery - emerald countryside, plunging sea cliffs, fern-fringed forests, pristine beaches and coastal heathland. It was here that Raja took the photo which she entered in the Nothing Like Australia competition, and which came to symbolise the essence of her holiday.

“We spent the night there to witness the sunrise and to take more pictures of us frolicking by the beach. It was in three words, a pleasant surprise,” said Raja, who also remembers sharing jokes with locals while waiting for the return ferry.

Later the group ventured along Tasmania’s east coast to Wineglass Bay on the Freycinet Peninsula. Despite missing out on seeing the famous sunset from the lookout, Raja and her friends treasured this time to commune with nature and bond with each other.

It certainly made a welcome change from Raja’s daily student life, which she describes as being “glued to my computer screen and leading a topsy-turvy schedule of eating and sleep.”

For her “next great Australian escapade”, Raja is determined “to set foot in Sydney’s famed Opera House and view the Sydney Harbour Bridge.” After that, she wants to discover Australia “by the chapters….like a great love story.”
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